Boho Skirts


Bohemian Skirts Collection

Bohemian skirts are detailed skirts with distinct colors and patterns. The skirts are long and free-flowing, usually ankle length. These skirts were originally common among the gypsy group, with the gypsy girls being considered delightful for their nonconformity to the modern trends.

The Evolution of the Boho Style

However, as evolution would have it, bohemian skirts have evolved. Although the long free-flowing bohemian skirts are still fashionable, other versions have come up, such as the bohemian mini-skirts. Others include the bohemian mid-waist printed skirt. The mid-waist skirt, as the name suggests, is worn from mid waist. The bohemian chiffon skirt is also a new trend. It is normally color blocked, and the results are flattering to any woman. The mid-calf A-line skirt is also another variation of the bohemian skirt. It is a very feminine piece and makes any woman look and feel good about them.
Bohemian skirts are made using different types of fabrics. Elastic waist is a common feature with this fashion piece. Floral printed fabric is also common, especially in solid colors. The prints give the bohemian skirts their characteristic style. Different women have different tastes when it comes to the prints. Some women prefer small subtle prints while others prefer big and bold prints. Others yet prefer bold and daring colors to suit their specific needs.

Different Styles and Sizing Guide

The bohemian skirts are available in different varieties. There are the usual maxi skirts, the mini-skirts, the mid-waist as well as the mid calf. One may choose to wear the bohemian skirt with a slit. Although considered gist and quite daring, it is very fashionable and allows women to show their beautiful legs, regardless of the length of the skirt.
Bohemian skirts are a must have for any woman. The style chosen depends on the individual. The skirts are decent and wearable for various functions and occasions such as family gatherings, afternoon barbecue as well as wedding receptions.